Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbs have a long history of use and are an integral part of the medicine.  Herbs work in sync with our body's natural chemistry, and can greatly enhance treatment outcomes when used with Acupuncture. The difference between taking herbs and synthetic medicines is that the the whole substance is used versus isolated chemical components. Chinese Herbs have less side effects then Western pharmaceuticals because of the use of the whole substance.  Also, herbs are often combined into formulas, making them custom to you.  The same disease in two different individuals is treated uniquely.  

Herbs come from plants, animals, and minerals.  Mostly, plant components are used.  Leaves, stems, bark, flowers, roots and seeds.  The safety of herbs is often inquired about.  The herbs you will be prescribed adhere to strict safety guidelines.  All herbs are Lab-Tested for heavy metals, microorganisms, and pesticide residues.  They are also microscopically examined for authenticity and potency.

Depending on your individual needs, the use of herbs will be decided.