Eastern Nutrition


Eastern Nutrition focuses on the energetics of food, and its effect on the body.  Each food has different properties like being warming or cooling in nature. The five tastes of food are sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, and salty. The five tastes and the colors of foods influence specific organs.  For example, the sweet taste corresponds to the Spleen and Stomach. Eating foods that are sweet or slightly sweet will be beneficial to the Spleen and Stomach. Overeating sweets or foods with a sweet flavor will bring the Spleen and Stomach system into an imbalanced state.  When this happens, digestion might be impaired and cause numerous problems such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, clouded thinking, mood swings and many other acute and chronic symptoms.

The key in planning meals is to have a well-balanced diet that compliments your constitution.  For instance, if you are someone that generally runs hot, sweats easily, has high blood pressure, a vigorous appetite, and insomnia you would be classified as having a “hot constitution”.  Cooling foods are recommended, predominantly.  Avoiding beef and lamb, which are warm and hot, would be advised. Fish and lots of fresh vegetables would be better options. Sweet and spicy foods should be limited. Size and timing of meals should be regulated as well, to optimize digestion. 

Eating foods that are in season are more easily assimilated by our bodies and will actually strengthen our immune systems and prepare our bodies for the following season.  Ancient people lived according to the seasons.  Their lives ebbed and flowed with the natural changes of the environment.  When eating the right foods for our body, we will feel more balanced. We will be drawn to the foods that will be the best for us and naturally feel lighter and healthier. 

Optimal foods for your constitution and condition will be recommended, if needed, during your session. Food diaries are helpful tools to show where dietary changes need to be made.  We will assess your food diary together and explore healthy options.